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Multi-Brand Printer Bulk Ink

DuraFirm Technology ink (all-brand inkjet ink) means it will work on ANY inkjet cartridge. Whats more? This ink is the highest quality refill ink we have found. Our bulk ink offers you the convenience of being able to refill ANY inkjet cartridge without compromising print quality.

Our ink is PREMIUM Uni-Kit Durafirm Technology which makes the inks archival, UV resistant, smudge resistant and water-proof on waterproof paper such as the Durafirm photo paper! This technology has been 4 years in development and is the LATEST and HIGHEST quality inkjet refill inks in the Uni-Kit product line!

Bulk printer ink is intended for repeat refill customers, wholesale customers, and refill / remanufacturing businesses. Bulk printer ink is the way to go if you already know how to refill and are looking to save even more on your print jobs, especially if you do a lot of printing.

Bulk Inks are ideal for large ink users or just to replenish your ink jet refill kits.


DuraFIRM Bulk printer ink - 60ml - 2oz



buy 2+ for $0.95 each (save 10%)

DuraFIRM Bulk printer ink - 950ml - 32oz


buy 2+ for $28.75 each (save 15%)

DuraFIRM Pigment Black printer ink


buy 2+ for $28.75 each (save 15%)