C-BREEZE RIP software for Epson F2000 / F2100

actual product appearance may vary C-BREEZE RIP software for Epson F2000 / F2100



C-BREEZE RIP is made currently for the Epson F2000 / F2100 engines, but more printer models are being added shortly (check with us if you need this software for another printer engine).

C-BREEZE RIP by C-HORSE Software offers more control over white-layer creation than Garment Creator and other RIPs.

  • The best default quality (no tweaking) of any SC F2000 RIP, including the more expensive ones.
  • Much better quality and versatility than Garment Creator. Modern and intuitive user interface.
  • More intelligent use of white ink saves money. The savings usually pay for the software in just a couple of weeks (depending on volume).
  • If desired, C-Breeze RIP has more color and white ink control than any other F2000 RIP.
  • The hybrid white-highlight feature doesn't just slop more white ink on the pure-white areas. It can increase the overall brightness gradually, starting at pure white and working down, avoiding the posterization usually caused by traditional white highlighting. Special effects. Features and improvements added all the time and at no extra cost.
  • More intelligent white ink usage results in $ savings.
  • Easier to use more and versatile than any other 3rd party RIP.
  • Easy to integrate into automated workflow systems.
  • Print directly from RIP or from your favorite application.
  • Advanced color controls (NEW)
  • Special Effects (NEW)
  • Image Cropping (NEW)

New advanced color controls:

Even though the C-Breeze RIP default color settings produce amazing results, sometimes you want or need to change the color. Achieve a special look or correct a graphic that doesn't have great color. Give the image more punch or change the hue to make it look better on a particular color shirt. The possibilities are endless.

  • See results in real-time
  • Global controls. Control brightness, saturation and contrast just by moving a slider
  • Make changes in RGB or CMYK color space
  • Create and save custom CMYK curves that you can then apply to other jobs
  • Can have a different settings for different jobs
  • Can view each CMYK channel individually or any combination of channels
  • Bend the curve for all CMYK channels, each channel individually or any combination thereof

New job manager feature:

  • Execute production-runs on multiple printers while simultaneously ripping new jobs.
  • Easily control print jobs after ripping, right from C-Breeze RIP.
  • Easily import/export ripped print jobs to/from multiple print queues.
  • View the print-file's embedded thumbnail image for easy identification.
  • Accepts F2000 print files (PRNs) created by any application (You can import print files (PRNs) created by other applications, print them and create production runs but you cannot edit them)
  • Change a print queue's attributes from the same window, without dealing with the Windows operating system interface.
  • Print the same job to multiple printers simultaneously.

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