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HP 933XL Inkjet Chip Replacement

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Compatible Replacement Chip for HP 933XL. This is an aftermarket compatible chip for HP 933XL cartridges, which can be installed on any HP 933XL cartridge and will allow your printer to recognize the cartridge as FULL. New chip is required for each cartridge refill.

Why do I need a chip for the HP 933XL? HP has made the 933XL cartridges dependent on the chips, basically when you run out of ink on your HP 933XL cartridge, the printer reads a message from the chip that says the cartridge is "empty". This causes the printer to send you error signals until you replace the cartridge. Now you can refill your HP 933XL cartridges and simply add our new compatible chips, which will be recognized by your printer as "new", thereby allowing you to print with your refilled cartridge just as though it were new!