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Epson F2000, F2100 DTG Refill Kit, White, Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow 250ml DTG Ink, 5 pack

actual product appearance may vary Epson F2000, F2100 DTG Refill Kit, White, Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow 250ml DTG Ink, 5 pack


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DTG Pro™ professional refill kit to refill your Epson F2000, F2100, F2130 DTG cartridges.

This ink is the same capacity as the original 250ml Epson UltraChrome DTG Ink Cartridges.

  • 250ml White Kodak Kodacolor DTG Ink
  • 250ml Black Kodak Kodacolor DTG Ink
  • 250ml Cyan Kodak Kodacolor DTG Ink
  • 250ml Magenta Kodak Kodacolor DTG Ink
  • 250ml Yellow Kodak Kodacolor DTG Ink
  • Refill Syringes
  • Refill Funnels
  • Simple easy to follow instructions
Required: (not included):
  • Empty refillable Epson F2100 cartridges (if you don't have, ask for suggestions)
Featuring Kodak Kodacolor DTG Ink:

NO COMPROMISES - Everything you've been asking for in DTG ink for your Epson F2000 or F2100. The DIS series inks from Digital Ink Sciences was explicitly built for direct to fabric printing using the latest print head technology - and to surpass currently available inks in every way.

JETABILITY - Because of the carefully tuned viscosity in the Kodak direct to garment printer inks, we're able to provide superior jetability.

COLOR GAMUT - Kodak DTG inks have the widest color gamut on the market.

This KODAK Textile Ink for Epson engines is engineered to be durable and intense in color output making it the best choice for professional DTG companies running Epson F2000 or F2100 machines.

Kodak's fabric inks leverage proprietary ink dispersion technology with a 20-year history of ink development and manufacture, bolstered by decades of coating technology.

The result is an exceptionally large color gamut, a more reliable high-quality image with outstanding shelf life and a soft, natural feel, as well as better in-printer performance.

Certified KODAK ink so you know you're getting the highest quality inks possible!

Designed exclusively by KODAK for Epson based print-head DTG Direct to Garment machines including the Epson F2000 and F2100 printers!

Designed to print directly on 100% cotton fabrics. It can also achieve good results on 50/50 poly blends.

If cured properly inks are very wash-fast. Use a standard heat press with medium pressure and cure printed garments for 120 seconds at 330 degrees Fahrenheit (166 degrees Celsius) if excess humidity is present or if garments are damp, cure for 180 seconds using a silicone coated curing sheet.

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